The town of Nakodar is also called the land of Peer fakir. The non-co-rate which means “no rate” like this, where Braham Gyanis were born and the earth got divided. Before Freedom, a Fakir Baba Shere Shah came to Pakistan from Punjab Those who chose Nakodar’s land to live in, who preferred to live in deserted and woods.
Baba ji prevented anyone from coming to him so that his kingdom would not be interrupted, and occasionally kicked small stones so that people would not like them to be mad and could not come to them. He used to spend most of his time in the worship of God and used to read the heirs of Waris Shah.
There was also a family of jJaildars in Nakodar town which was always used for the service of paparazzi. Once upon a time, a family member came to his house and he was very happy and said, “Please do whatever you want.” He said that everything God has given is just a god’s name,
Fakir said, “There will be no one but two Gods, your names will take birth”. Soon there was a child born in that family named Vidya Sagar, whom we today know as Baba Murad Shah ji. Baba ji had three brothers, Baba ji was the youngest, Baba ji was very clever in studying and even in that time, he studied far too much.
He started his job after the end of his education, Baba Ji Power Board was working as S.D.O in Delhi.

Where Baba ji worked, a Muslim girl was working with them. Baba Murad Shah Ji used to love spiritual things with him,
One day the girl got married and asked Baba Murad Shah Ji if you would marry me, then become the first Muslim. Baba ji decided to return home after hearing this. Leaving the job in a way, the world was lost in love with everything else. He purchased Waris Shah’s Heer book and went on foot to his city, Nakodar, studying the hirs,
And on the way there came to Nakodar while bowing down to the place of worship. When he reached home, he had a vision of Baba Shher Shah Ji. Shere shah ji shouted, “Where can we go to Vidya sagar?” Baba ji thought that someone came to Baba ji with a spiritual person and Shere Shah was called “How to become a Muslim then?” Happiness to be called Baba ji
Shere Shah said, “Once again, come to meet your family and join the wires of broken love with God, then not the need of Muslims or Hindus.” Baba Murad Shah ji went home to meet all and stayed with Shere-shah ji and started serving them. Baba Shehera Shah Ji had to give them a lot of examination, but they all passed and became their beloved loved ones.
But people began talking that Baba ji’s elder brother often grabbed him and brought him to his house and sometimes he picked up his hand after hearing that the son of the Jaildars started following a bark. Baba ji repeatedly refused and said “Baba Ji’s brother does not accept”, but Baba ji finally said, “Okay Lala, then you accept it like this,
Now you will see me again when your son will be confronted in front of your eyes “The words of Fakir’s mouth always remained steadfast. Baba ji went to Shere-shah ji again.

This is how it went on. One day after Independence, one day Shere Shah’s son and daughter-in-law came to bring them back.
So Shere Shah said that before going take me, ask the Sea of ​​Education. Baba ji called “you are your father, I can forbid things, as you think right”. Then Baba ji called Shere Shah ji “But you will be very worried about me”. Whenever you remember me, I will come to meet Shere Shah Ji.
Then, when Shere Shah was going to go, he called Baba ji and said, “After me, the world will remember you, your name will be inhabited by the world, you are the descendant of my generation, from today onwards your name will be Murad Shah and whatever You will come to your door and ask for your prayers. “